Corporation 2020

There is an emerging consensus that all is not well with today’s market-centric economic model. Although it has pulled millions out of poverty over the last half-century, it creates recession, unemployment, ecological scarcity, and environmental risk, and widens the gap between the rich and the poor. The result is the broken system of social inequity, environmental degradation, and political manipulation that marks today’s corporations.

Corporation 2020
is a movement to change the way that corporations operate. Led by Pavan Sukhdev, this movement presents a vision for future forms of the corporation, illustrating how the "Corporation 2020" can play a pivotal role in achieving societal goals and building a green economy. Through a combination of internal changes in corporate governance and external regulations and policies, Corporation 2020 can become a reality in the next decade—and it must, if we are to avert catastrophic social imbalance and ecological harm.


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Available September 2012

Corporation 2020

Corporation 2020Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World


Corporation 2020 outlines the need for a new vision and illuminates the steps that will bring it to life. From his insightful look into the dysfunction of today’s corporation to a thoughtful discussion of the changes needed to craft a better corporate model, Sukhdev offers a hopeful view of the role of business in shaping a more equitable, sustainable future.



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Why Corporation 2020?

Why Corporation 2020?The Case for a New Corporation in the Next Decade


In Why Corporation 2020, Pavan Sukhdev examines the many critical planetary boundaries that we are approaching, from greenhouse gas emissions to the nitrogen cycle, freshwater and land use, and food security, and argues that sweeping changes are needed to reform the way we deal with the earth’s resources. Sukhdev makes an arresting case for including the private sector in these changes, arguing that a new corporate model is needed in the next decade to avert irreparable ecological harm. Available as a free e-book.


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