1/4/12 | Kennedy Warne discusses mangroves in Grist interview

Let Them Eat ShrimpIn a recent interview with Grist, Let Them Eat Shrimp author Kennedy Warne fielded questions about the importance of the world's mangroves and the threat industrial shrimp farming poses to these "rainforests of the sea". He also shared stories from his time among the people who depend on mangrove forests, highlighting the ways in which shrimp farming has endangered the survival of these communities.



"When I was in the U.S. on a book tour recently, I was told that social justice was not a motivating factor for American consumers. That unless I could identify some kind of health problem with eating farmed shrimp, changing consumer behavior was unlikely to happen. But I think change is happening. More and more people are making connections between the food on their plates and the people and pathways involved in producing it. We have the opportunity to make informed, enlightened, ethical choices. For the good of the planet and some of its least visible citizens, we should exercise those choices."


Read the full interview here.